• Water Pipes

  • There is no such thing as a safe leaky pipe. It does not matter if it is in your yard or home as there is always a possibility of water damage that can contaminate your drinking water.

    When you start to notice the water pressure dropping, water can begin to taste odd and appear discolored. Water might also start oozing from the pipes in your basement or under your sink, along with puddles in the yard, which is a sure sign you should call a water pipe specialist to diagnose the problem. Furthermore, if you see watermarks on your ceiling in a two-story structure, these are signs of leaked and damaged water pipe systems.

    What Could Go Wrong With Water Pipes

    Water pipe systems last for many years. However, they can fail or malfunction for multiple reasons outside of your control such as:

    • Age: Eventually, the joints in which the pipes are attached can provide a way to weaken from use and high water pressure.
    • Tree Roots: The roots of trees grown in the path of the water pipe. Once the roots make their way into the water pipes, these roots start to take over and block them.
    • Corrosion: The older water pipes that are made of iron or galvanized steel tend to gather mineral deposits and rust inside. In due course, these deposits rust the metal and the water pipe generates leaks. Most of the time, the acidity of the ground surrounding the water pipes will add to the rust as well.
    • Water Pressure: Water pipes are intended to carry water at a particular pressure. If there’s an instant surge, the water pipes might burst or cave in at the joints.

    Royal Plumbing Water Pipe System Repair

    Provided that most water pipe systems are buried or otherwise inaccessible, analyzing and fixing the damage requires quality care to verify the precise location and the exact degree of damage. When a water pipe is clogged, usually the line is cleared using an auger or electronic snake.

    It is advised that you take immediate action to prevent further damage that could end up costing you much more in the long run. Even when the problem seems minor, there might be broad damage that you cannot see yourself. In order to avoid serious damage and prevent your water source from being contaminated, it is essential to seek a qualified Brighton water pipe system repair specialist such as Scott Choka with Royal Plumbing.