• Water Heating

  • With substantial time and use, it is relatively normal that water heaters might stop working and will eventually need repair work. The first factor in which you should consider is the condition and age of the water heater. You will know it is time to repair or completely replace your water heater when cold water comes from your shower and does not increase in temperature. This might be the best time to take action and make a decision to fix or replace your water heater.

    In certain instances, water tanks that store the water build up leaks, which could also be the reason for the malfunction. Furthermore, the issue may also lie in the insulation of the tank. Dust and mineral deposits that build up over time start to decrease the insulation of your water heater and also contribute to your water-heating problem. Check the thermostat of your appliances to ensure that hot water temperatures are set and functioning properly.

    There is also cases were the igniter in the water heater might be misfiring or not firing at all, which could also mean that you have an outdated appliance or device. When this starts to occur, it would be smart to call in a water heater repair specialist to replace the worn out parts.

    It is ideal to leave water heating repairs or replacements to a professional and not try to handle things on your own. Contact Scott Choka of Royal Plumbing today to immediately remedy this issue and avoid further water heating issues that are sure to arise.