• Garbage Disposal

  • A garbage or waste disposal unit is a device that is typically powered through your housing electricity. It is installed under kitchen sinks between the trap and drain of the sink, which is in charge of shredding food waste to small pieces.

    When issues arise from your garbage disposal unit, repairs are vital to make sure that it is serving its intended purpose to make cleanup of food waste fast and easy. There are a few simple repairs that can be performed in order to rectify problems linked with different types of garbage disposals. If you do try in home repairs, always make sure to turn the power off for safety purposes. For easier access, removing the splashguard is highly recommended to provide safe and easy access to the unit.

    Garbage disposals can last for decades or onger with the right usage and care. If your garbage disposal is clogged, jammed, or leaking, it would be best to seek expert advice and professional service from a qualified technician. Although do it yourself garbage disposal repair is a possible option, seeking help from an expert guarantees faster and safer results. Royal Plumbing specializes in dealing with these issues as Scott Choka has the skills and expertise to provide the necessary solutions at an extremely affordable cost.